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Just released in print and ebook through

First installment in the new erotic romance series...

Mistress Blackheart: Policeman's Prerogative

Dom1coverAn online dominatrix gets arrested and meets her match - add a pair of handcuffs, and no telling who will end up on top!

RATING: Adult content, sexually explicit material, language

When snarky über-slacker Dominique Milhaus gets arrested, hauled to jail, and charged with Internet prostitution, her nights as a video-streaming dominatrix come to an abrupt halt.

But Gwinnet County motorcycle patrolman Richard Carlyle, subbing as booking officer at the station that night, has something else in mind for recently out-of-work Mistress Blackheart.

After a little afternoon delight, the ex-dominatrix who can’t commit finds herself at odds with the irritating cop used to getting everything his own way. Add a pair of handcuffs to the mix, and there’s no telling who will end up on top!

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WARNING: This book is appropriate for adults 18 or older only! Explicit language and sexual content may be objectionable to some individuals.

Coming soon in print and ebook through

Second installment in the new erotic romance series...

Mistress Victoria: Professor's Punishment

dom2coverVictoria needs just one humanities elective to finish her business degree. Unfortunately she picks a class taught by the most arrogant professor on campus! But Mr. Smart-Alec Professor is going to get what's coming to him - and a lot more - when she teams up with a classmate to learn the ropes and teach him a lesson that'll last him a lifetime. (The dominatrix baton is passed to the next mistress in this new series!)

WARNING: Erotic romance with explicit language and sexual situations that may be objectional to some readers. Excerpt coming soon.

Links and other info...

I have corresponded with and met many authors - unique and wonderful people who write a variety of stories. Here are some of their web sites, in no particular order. Check them out to find great reads.



C. Fern Cook







received a FIVE CUP review by Kimberly at Coffee Time Romance, and she says...

"Throughout the reading of this novel, I found myself laughing out loud ... From the first heart-stopping kiss to the final chapter, Ms. White shines."

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